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Performance should be about communicating the joy of your passion to the audience, no matter the size of your venue or the depth of your pockets. That’s why I founded Ideal Opera–to enrich your performance with as much color and variety as possible, while staying in sight of the original intent of the composer.

Opera became the most evolved and complex form of mass entertainment, containing as large a spectacle as possible…but in the 21st century, size and spectacle no longer define the art. The great opera companies with multi-million dollar budgets have their place in the world, but so does the local company constructing a set-piece in their garage and making costumes with the help of local art collectives.

Whether you’re from one of those local companies requesting information on a seven-player reduction of Hansel and Gretel for a children’s show or you’re a graduate student who wants to perform ‘Caro nome’ on your recital with string quartet and flute instead of just piano–you’ve come to the right place!

 “…Mathieu D’Ordine’s arrangement of the score for string quartet and piano retained much of Puccini’s flowering style.”

–  The Boston Classical Review

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